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Who Am I?

I am from a beautiful land full of colors,

From a land unknown by many.

I am from the valley where the weather is unchanging,

Yet always unpredictable.

I am from dry mountains where all kinds of potatoes grow,

And a variety of fruit can be found.

The place I learned to call home.

I am from a household that was very different from others.

Where Indian food was served

And meditation was practiced.

I am from a family full of love and laughter.

From a family that encouraged me to expand my horizons.

A family that constantly told me to keep searching.

I am from a place where cows were taken care of,

And vegetables were grown.

A place where love was nurtured.

I am from an unusual faith tradition.

A tradition that reflects the importance of serving through action.

I am from early morning walks and late night reflections.

From the essence of what is there.

I am from moments in unknown destinations as I tried to immerse myself in different cultures.

From bus rides talking with people unknown to me.

People with a lot of light to share.

I am from a beautiful land of colors.

A place where everyone else belongs.

Where everyone is from.

A place where I feel like myself.

The place I call home.

Who are you?

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