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Two Thirds

The fog surprised me as I watched it tip-toe over the lake.

I can’t help but wonder, Does this magic exist everywhere?

It has been a while since I felt so connected and at peace,

with so many beings in my vicinity.

Embraces and present conversations can appear rare these days,

but maybe they’re always there and I just don’t see them.

I know that you want connection just as much as I do,

whether that’s in silence, unspoken, or out loud.

When I live in this way, I feel much more open to receive,

and when I put out my hand for the grace, it just keeps raining down.

If I never would have left, none of this ever could have been;

I continue to be inspired by the miracle of validation.

I lay my head on the pillow and gaze out the window,

the leaves have fallen and the next third is ready to be born.

How did I not realize that we were moving through time as a trinity?

it’s no surprise that Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun.

Everything is an affirmation of what has been and what is coming,

I choose to continue to show up for joy.

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