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To Love

To love is to fully know. To fully embrace a person and her soul. To cherish all parts of her-the shame, the guilt, the joy, the light, the passion and the apathy, the frustration, the confusion, the earthly desires and the spiritual ones; and to do so with awareness, kindness, nonjudgment, nonresistance, nonattachment, and compassion.

To love is the greatest gift for both the receiver as well as the giver. Because to love is to completely accept what is, which gives both people the freedom to experience, grow, change, feel, and think without fear. Love casts out fear by providing a safe space for each person involved to authentically BE. What a gift it is-to love! A gift that frees all in the process and brings the light of God/the infiniteness of the universe into the present moment.

Today I am called to practice love by acknowledging each life as a sacred mystery. I love you not because you are like me, but rather because you are YOU and everything about you is beautiful just as it is. Thank you for the gift of your life, your light. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to love you just as you are. I love you :)

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