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Go back to your roots. To the places and the people where your journey began.

It is there that you will find comfort. And you will also find challenges.

You'll become aware of the ways you've grown, and the things you still need to work on.

Your patience will be tested, and you may experience feeling unseen.

Confusion is an outcome of these mixed emotions.

You feel loved, taken care of, comforted; you feel invisible, unimportant, different.

It won't be surprising if you ask yourself why you came back. And it isn't uncommon to not want to leave.

Recognizing the ways you've changed and the ways you've stayed the same will be beautiful and it will be painful.

You may not know how to respond when who you are is questioned.

Your roots will always remain, hidden beneath the surface.

While your branches and leaves become the roots of the next generation.

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