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Pride: A Virtue

Did you know that according to Aristotle, pride is a virtue? You can think of pride as, “The love of one’s own excellence.” How great would it be to love everything that is good about yourself? And to own that you’re actually REALLY good at some things (or a lot of things)? Over the past week we have been around a lot of people that are 45+ years old, and one of the qualities that many of them share is pride. And through our interactions we’ve noticed that pride seems to be something that is developed over time. It’s a virtue that we’re still working on cultivating.

All that being said, it’s important to stay very aware as you grow in love for yourself, because pride is the middle between vanity and self-hate. So we'll leave you with a few questions... What do you need to change in your internal and external worlds to cultivate pride? How do you navigate the waters and mediate yourself between the extremes? And how can cultivating pride help you achieve greater self-love?

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