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Interested in going to a yoga class but you want to know some of the basic postures first? Been to a yoga class but it went too fast and you felt like you were doing everything wrong? Or maybe you’re just curious if you’re getting the most out of each posture. Our “The Basics” videos are quick, easy to follow tutorials that show you how to get into many asanas, learn appropriate modifications for your body, and give you the opportunity to take your postures to the next level!



Our gentle classes are great for when you want a nice, mild flow. They include less Chaturangas as our standard Vinyasa classes, and they start with a long warm-up and end with a long cooldown. In these classes, we minimize standing postures to encourage grounding. Gentle Vinyasas are great for beginners or those looking to deepen their practice.



The Vinyasa flows on our site start with approximately 10 minutes of warm-up, followed by an intelligently planned flow. Pranayama is often incorporated, as well as intention setting and a carefully selected dharma. In these classes, expect to get your heart rate up and have some fun! The classes end with approximately 15 minutes to cool down and enjoy Savasana.



Our most physically demanding classes are our Power Vinyasas. These flows have a similar structure to our Vinyasa classes but incorporate more challenging sequences. Enjoy trying out transitions that test your balance and take the opportunity to push past your edge to find growth both physically and mentally. Even with the challenge, we still strive to make well-balanced flows. Although you’ll be pushed to work hard, it is our hope that you will end your practice feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.



Katonah Yoga® is a Hatha practice that was developed by Nevine Michaan over the past 40 years. In Katonah classes you will experience a blend of Taoist theory, sacred geometry, the use of metaphors, the incorporation of props, and prompts for how to use your imagination to better connect your mind, body, and breath. The three principles of Katonah Yoga are repetition, pattern, and polarity. Throughout class you will be continually invited to mediate the polarities of left and right, forward and back, top and bottom, and in the center, you will find your implicit self, your soul. 

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