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Haley Lovejoy

Gender identity: Cisgender-Female

Pronouns: She/her

Sexual Orientation: Un-identified

Faith Background: Catholic

Nationality: USA

Enneagram Type: 2 wing 1

Dietary Preferences: Vegan

Certifications: 200-Hour Katonah Yoga® Certified, 200-Hour RYT Vinyasa, M.A. Teaching, B.S. Mathematics & Social Justice

Hello! My name is Haley and my vocation is to love. If you know anything about the Enneagram, and you see my number 2 up there under my name, you’ll know what I mean. My biggest gift is that I can love easily. And one of my biggest challenges has been learning that the unconditional love that I share, I am also worthy of; I do not need to earn people’s love, nor do I need to earn my own.


I grew up in Lake Oswego, Oregon, which is right outside of Portland. My nuclear family consists of my mom, dad, older sister, and younger brother. Growing up, my siblings needed more attention than I did, and because of that, I quickly learned how to be independent (some people call this middle child syndrome). When I was younger, I was involved in the performing arts, always singing a show tune, dancing in my room. As I’ve grown older, I have come to realize that music and theater are tools that I use to heal and soothe myself. For high school, I attended a co-ed Jesuit school where I fell in love with retreats and my spirituality. At age 17 I decided to become Catholic to more fully enter into the community at my school. I found comfort and exhilaration in Catholic Social Teaching which inspires people to live radically and love and respect every person we encounter, just like God (or the universal energy) would. For undergrad, I left Portland to explore a new area of the country, Omaha, Nebraska. At Creighton, I worked at the Center for Service and Justice where I met my wife, Majo. After four years, I earned a double major in Mathematics (I’ve always loved it!) and Social Justice. Right after I graduated, I headed back to Portland to start a two-year program for my Master's in Teaching. After teaching middle school math for two years, and earning my degree, I spent time traveling, tutoring, and getting my yoga certification in Bali, Indonesia with The Sacred Fig.


Since May 2018, I’ve been teaching Vinyasa yoga, writing and recording guided meditations, tutoring math, and dreaming up what comes next. Through extensive vocational discernment, I have discovered that my calling involves leading wellness retreats, and I can’t wait for our first one coming up this December!


In June of 2019, Majo and I got married. Our website went live on August 23rd. And on September 3, 2019 we will hit the road, and be on our way to create and travel, sharing our love and joy along the way. What an exciting year it has been!

Majo Lovejoy

Gender identity: Cisgender-Female
Pronouns: She/her
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Faith Background: Hare Krishna
Nationality: Bolivian
Enneagram Type: 1 wing 9
Dietary Preferences: Vegan
Certifications/Degrees: 200
-Hour Katonah Yoga® Certified, 200-Hour RYT Ashtango-Vinyasa, Master of Social Work (MSW), B.S. Marketing & Social Entrepreneurship, Bhakti Sastri Certification

Hi! My name is Majo and ever since I was young, I have always wanted to create a business to serve my community. After being born in Oruro, Bolivia I moved to La Paz, Bolivia with my family. I have three parents: a dad, a mom, and a step-mom. And I have three siblings: a brother, a sister, and a step-sister. When I was twelve, my parents got divorced, and I had to grow up quickly in order to emotionally support my siblings. That was one of the most challenging times of my life, but it was also the event that made me into the independent, hard-working, and empathetic person that I am today. When I came to the US for undergrad, it was the first time in my life that I was considered a person with a marginalized identity. I had never really experienced oppression, because in Bolivia I’m considered a “White Bolivian.” Because of my European heritage, I have racial and economic privilege there. Experiencing micro-aggressions has been challenging; it is not easy to live in a white world with colored skin. One of my goals with A.G.A.P.E. Wellness is to always hold a space for people to feel safe to be who they are, knowing that they are respected and validated here.


In undergrad, at Creighton University, in Omaha, Nebraska, I studied Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship. It was there that I met my wife, Haley. We met on an office retreat for the Center for Service and Justice, a place we both worked during the school year. After college, I spent a year volunteering in Gresham, Oregon with Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest (JVC Northwest), and in June of 2015, Haley and I started dating. Following my volunteer year, I spent 9 months in Mayapur, India where I took a Bhakti Sastri Course to study the scriptures of the Hare Krishna philosophy. Throughout my time there, I discerned my faith and what role being a Hare Krishna plays in my life. I wrapped up my time in India with a 200-Hour YTT in Goa at Kranti Yoga. In 2016, I returned to the states to start my Master's program, and in 2018 I graduated with a MSW and began working at JVC Northwest as their Alumni Relations and Marketing Manager.


In June of 2019, Haley and I got married, on August 23rd I transitioned out of JVC Northwest and our website went live, and on September 3, 2019 we will hit the road for our three month journey around the US. I am so excited for what's to come!