Haley Lovejoy

Gender identity: Cisgender-Female
Pronouns: She/her
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Nationality: USA
Enneagram Type: One-to-One 2 with a predominant 1 wing
Dietary Preferences: Plant-Based
Faith Background: Catholic
Certifications: 200-Hour Katonah Yoga® Certified, 200-Hour RYT Vinyasa, M.A. Teaching, B.S. Mathematics & Social Justice

Hello! My name is Haley and my vocation is to love. If you know anything about the Enneagram, and you see my number 2 up there under my name, you’ll know what I mean. My biggest gift is that I can love easily and freely. And one of my biggest challenges has been learning that the unconditional love that I share, I am also worthy of; I do not need to earn people’s love, nor do I need to earn my own. 

I grew up unaware of the incredible amount of privilege I have, but after studying Social Justice in college I learned that it is my job to use my privilege to promote equity and justice. And that's why I spent the last couple years of my life learning and expanding my wellness toolkit; so that Majo and I could start a business that creates resources that are accessible to English and Spanish speakers who have access to the internet. 

Here's a little bit about how I got to where I am today: 

  • In high school I was introduced to retreats where I first experienced what it felt like to be held in my vulnerability. 

  • In college I studied math which enhanced my ability to problem solve and I studied social justice which began my journey towards understanding how to be an ally in an unjust world. 

  • In grad school, as I taught middle school math, I learned how to be a mentor for people from all walks of life. 

  • In my Vinyasa Yoga certification course I learned how to create and facilitate a sacred space. 

  • In my Katonah Yoga® training I developed perseverance and the ability to use my body to gain insights into my heart and mind. 

  • In Enneagram training experiences I've become more aware of how to grow into the most true and authentic version of myself.  

My favorite part about our work is facilitating and forming community and connections. I also love that the work we do requires us to be life-long learners and encourages us to consistently reflect on how we're showing up in the world.

Majo Lovejoy

Gender identity: Cisgender-Female
Pronouns: She/her
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Faith Background: Hare Krishna
Nationality: Bolivian
Enneagram Type: Social Structures 1 with a predominant wing 9
Dietary Preferences: Vegan
Certifications: 200-Hour Katonah Yoga® Certified, 200-Hour RYT Ashtanga-Vinyasa, Master of Social Work (MSW), B.S. Marketing & Social Entrepreneurship, Bhakti Sastri Certification

Hi! My name is Majo and ever since I was young, I have always wanted to create a business to serve my community. My biggest gift is the ability to understand and reform systems and structures so that they better serve their purpose. And one of my biggest areas of growth is learning how to be more flexible and less rigid in my ways of thinking and doing.

As a person of color and someone who holds many marginalized identities, I use my work to support the BIPOC and queer community on their journey to wellness. One of my goals with A.G.A.P.E. Wellness is to create and maintain a space where people know that they are seen, respected, and loved as they are. 

Here's a little bit about how I got to where I am today: 

  • In my faith tradition I learned that my connection to the divine is an integral part of my spiritual wellness. 

  • In college I studied social entrepreneurship and marketing which opened my mind to the idea of starting a business as a vessel through which to heal the world and gave me the skills to do so.

  • In India I developed a greater connection to empowerment as I discerned the roots of my faith tradition and chose it for myself. 

  • In my Ashtanga-Vinyasa certification course I developed discipline and began my journey as a teacher.

  • In grad school I was given the tools to understand unjust structures at a macro level which inspired my calling to work towards reconciling systems of inequality. 

  • In my Katonah Yoga® training I was humbled and empowered to learn that my body reflects my life and my life reflects my practice. 

  • In Enneagram training experiences I've learned how to understand the box I'm in in order to stop depending on old patterns and find liberation in the process. 


My favorite part about our work is having a platform to share the practices that have transformed my life. 


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