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Katonah Yoga® is a Hatha practice that was developed by Nevine Michaan over the past 40 years. In Katonah classes you will experience a blend of Taoist theory, sacred geometry, the use of metaphors, the incorporation of props, and prompts for how to use your imagination to better connect your mind, body, and breath.

The three principles of Katonah Yoga are repetition, pattern, and polarity. Throughout class you will be continually invited to mediate the polarities of left and right, forward and back, top and bottom, and in the center, you will find your implicit self, your soul.


The Magic Square (illustrated above) is an essential piece of Katonah Yoga theory. The Katonah Magic Square is based on the Lo Shu Magic Square and is used as a map. We superimpose the body onto the Magic Square to view the body as a house with 9 rooms, 10 doors, and 3 floors. By traveling the Magic Square throughout our practice we transform the neurology of our bodies and engage our minds. 


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