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Miguel and Cristofer

The following is a letter to two young boys we met last week while building an aquaponics farm with the Fly Fishing Collaborative at the New Life Children's Home in Jalaca, Honduras. The children at this home are there because their families cannot afford to pay for their education. Of those who have parents, many of their families live in extreme poverty, and by living at New Life, kids like Miguel and Cristofer are empowered to create a different future for themselves. As you'll read, we were very inspired and touched by the energy of these two young boys. Through spending time with them, we were reminded of how wonderful it feels to find joy in the "little" things. This week, where can you find some extra pings of joy in the people around you? One of the most important aspects to our wellness is surrounding ourselves with people who make us smile.

Dear Miguel and Cristofer,

Thank you for spending time with us last week. We will never be able to adequately communicate how grateful we are for all of the time and energy you put into helping with the farm build, but we hope that somewhere in your soul you feel our appreciation.

Your smiles and laughter made our mundane tasks more enjoyable, and your hugs warmed our hearts and made us feel at home. Miguel, you have a charm that draws people to you. Cristofer, your silly nature is the sweetest thing about you.

Thank you both for so graciously giving us your joy and carefree energy. We hope that you received from us as much as we received from you. Thank you for teaching us about goodbyes; that in order to be able to do them so often, you must be detached from the relationships you build. That’s something we all need to practice more.

We miss you both already. Sending all our love to you.

Majo and Haley

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