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A Home Away from Home

Today we have been reflecting back on November 8, 2019. It was our last night in New York after five weeks there before we started our journey back to Portland. Because our rental was up, we were invited to stay with our friend Victoria at her mom’s house. After being in the city for so long, in a way we had made a home for ourselves in our humble airbnb, but we still felt a longing for the comfort of a real home.

When we arrived at Victoria’s house after a subway ride and a long journey on the train, we were met with a home-cooked meal by the fire. Victoria had made us the most delicious Buddha Bowls; our hearts were warmed by her generosity. After eating, we all stayed around the fire chatting for hours, and when it was time to go to bed, we headed up to her mom’s bedroom (which she generously insisted on us sleeping in for the night). We got into bed, and in each other’s arms, we looked out the window at the beautiful tree that had planted its roots right next to the house. It was the first moment that we took to stop and reflect on all that had happened that day.

In 24 hours we had packed our bags, moved out of the place that we had called home for four weeks, taken our last few hours of yoga classes to become Katonah Yoga® Teachers, said goodbye to our community of friends from The Studio that we had come to love over the hours and hours we had spent there, and journeyed to Long Island. We were overwhelmed and couldn’t fully process all that had happened, but in that moment, we felt true peace.

That night, all it took was a warm meal, a fire, the presence of friends, the generosity of people who feel like family, and a cozy bed surrounded by plants to feel full, to feel at home. And that was the greatest gift we could have received.

How can you give someone a “simple” gift to help them feel a home away from home? Even if they're in their own city, or even in their own house, what can you do to bring home to others?

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