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Have you heard about the Enneagram but don't know much about it? Are you searching for a way to liberate your mind, body, and spirit?


Check out our basic overview of the Enneagram to start this journey towards knowing yourself and others better! Our Enneagram Overview page is a snapshot look at this incredibly powerful tool for personal, relational, professional, and spiritual growth.

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Learning Modules

Our Enneagram Learning Modules provide a systematic introduction to the Enneagram. In Module I we give a big picture overview of the structure of the Enneagram, and then dive into the 9 types in their complexity. In Module II we cover Integration and Disintegration, Defense Mechanisms, the 27 subtypes, and more! Upon completion of these modules, you will receive a certificate from A.G.A.P.E. Wellness certifying that you have completed our Everything Enneagram course.

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The Enneagram has been used for decades as a tool for human development and relationship healing. By understanding ourselves better, and those we're in relationship with, we are able to remember our true essence and begin our road to reconnecting to our divine nature. In our personal, couples, and family coaching we begin with a typing interview to help you begin to discern your type. We then use the framework of the Enneagram to support you in your personal and relational goals.

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