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Morgan & Dan: Gratitude & Inspiration

“It takes a village.” Or sometimes it just takes 2 amazingly generous and selfless people to spend their entire Saturday to help you move. And that is more than enough to move your heart, to touch your soul, and to overwhelm you with a sense of gratitude.

It has been a while since I experienced such a grand act of kindness; one where the people committing the act of service truly have no expectations for any reciprocation. And I think when I go a while without receiving that sort of gift, I lose inspiration to give in that way. So, one of the biggest thanks I have for these two wonderful humans, is for re-inspiring for me to give just to give, without hoping or expecting anything in return.

Acts of kindness are one of the most beautiful parts of human kind. In the book How Yoga Works, by Michael Roach, the main character talks about a potential scenario for the first act of kindness ever done by a human: The first day that a gatherer shared some berries with their friend, just to be nice, without any ulterior motive (such as keeping the person alive so that they would have a stronger tribe). I love how Roach illustrates this scene in the book because, just like everything else, humans had to learn to be kind.

Think back to one of the most recent acts of kindness you did for someone. Did you write a letter to a friend just to tell them you love them? Did you hold the door for someone? Smile at a stranger? Call your family member to tell them that they are important to you? Commit your day to helping someone without asking or wanting anything in return?

How does it feel when you love in this way? What does it feel like to be generous? How do you positively impact the world when you give?

Thank you, Morgan and Dan, for making our move so smooth, efficient, joyful, and enjoyable! We could not be more humbled by your generosity. You have inspired us to give more freely, and that is a true gift!

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