In Person Sessions

We offer individual, couples, small, and large group sessions. These classes tend to be more restorative in nature so that you can benefit from the therapeutic effects of Katonah Yoga®. We would be delighted to work with you, your family, your office, or any other community you are a part of. For detailed descriptions of each offering, click the link below.

Virtual Sessions

We offer weekly guided meditations, wellness chats, and Enneagram discussions at an affordable price. Join us in English or Spanish to build community while turning inward, reflecting, learning, and getting support in this challenging time. Now is the perfect opportunity to focus on your well-being and building connections. You can pay for these classes individually or sign up for a monthly membership to have unlimited access.

Monthly Membership

We are currently offering a monthly membership option for access to all of our virtual classes (option for English or Spanish). At only $30/month in English and $25/month in Spanish, you have the opportunity to get over 30% off!
*Scholarships now available.


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