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What Would It Take?

What would it take for you to stop using disposable coffee cups, and instead use a reusable cup or mug?

What would it take for you to bring tupperware to restaurants to use for your leftovers?

What would it take for you to pledge to never use disposable forks, spoons, and knives again?

What would it take for you to make that little bit of extra effort to shift from disposable dishware to reusable dishware?

We have now been in NYC for 3 weeks, and we continue to be shocked by the disposable culture here. And don't get us wrong, it's not only here, this is ALL OVER AMERICA (and many other places in the world). But when you're living in such a dense city, it's impossible not to see trash everywhere you turn. And that is one of the biggest tragedies. The obsession with "convenience" in American culture has crippled our people with the unawareness of their daily impact on the environment.

Every time you get food to go (in a disposable container), every time you pick up a coffee on your way to work (in a disposable cup or mug), every time you use a plastic bag from the grocery store, please know that those items will end up in the trash which will end up in a landfill which is not good for the Earth.

And every time you get food to go (in a reusable container-bring your own!), every time you pick up a coffee on your way to work (in a reusable cup or mug), every time you use a reusable grocery bag, please know that those actions DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! The intention you put into cutting down on your waste is one of the most loving actions you can show Mother Earth.

You may be wondering how this relates to your wellness. The wellness of the planet is CRUCIAL to your own wellness. Because each one of us is connected to this Earth in the most magical way. The Earth has the power to heal you, the trees give you oxygen to breath, the animals have the power to show you love and affection. And just as well, you have the power to heal the Earth, you give the trees CO2 to breath, and you have power to show all animals love and affection. We have a symbiotic relationship with our planet, and if we kill our planet, we will die.

So what's one way you can shift your habits to choose care for creation over what’s convenient for you? Once you've identified what you could do, pledge to shift in that way. Whether it’s pledging to stop using disposable dishware at all, or a pledge to start bringing your own coffee mug to your favorite local coffee shop every day, think about the difference you can make! Every single one of your choices impacts everything and everyone around you.

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