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Greta: Hospitality & Positivity

Greta Jarvis has been a friend of mine since the 5th grade when we played on a rec soccer team together. Although she has grown and matured throughout the years, there are some elements of her that have ceased to change. And thank goodness for that!

For as long as I can remember, Greta has been a source of positivity and uplifting energy. Whenever she walks into a room, she has a smile on her face and a hug at the ready. Her determination to make the most of each day is inspirational, and her smile is contagious.

A few months ago, when Majo and I were first starting to plan our road trip, Greta texted us to invite us to spend a few days with her and a couple other friends at Lake Tahoe in September. And of course the day she texted us was the day after we had decided to stop in Lake Tahoe for those EXACT SAME DAYS. The universe is amazing, isn’t it? Needless to say, we ecstatically accepted her offer and couldn’t wait to spend time by the Lake with this lovely lady.

As soon as we got there, Greta was 100% positive and hospitable. Although this girl loves her sleep, she stayed up way past her bedtime to welcome us and show us around the house. Over the following days, she planned activities and created moments for all of us to connect and enjoy time together.

Greta was determined to get in the lake every day. One of my favorite moments was a day when it was pretty windy and chilly, and instead of letting the cold ruin her plans, Greta waltzed right into the water. After a few minutes, Majo joined her. As I stood there contemplating whether I should go in or not, Greta yelled, “It’s just a sensation!” Her words resonated with me the same way a Tich Nhat Hanh or Rumi quote does. Those were the exact four words I needed to hear in order to let go of the discomfort I knew I was about to feel to make space for a joyful experience with friends.

Greta, thank you for such a fun few days on the lake. Your ability to bring people together to create community is touching. Thank you for encouraging me from the water—those moments in the lake were some of my favorite of our time there.

We love you dear! Keep shining your light!

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